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Sad News from De Wildt

Dear Sean Williams

We are very sad to tell you that our dear MJ has passed away. We will miss his awesome personality and we will be forever grateful for everything he has helped us achieve at the centre.

MJ was born on April 23, 2007 and he passed away on June 17 2016. He and Snow White have been magnificent breeders, and he lives on in his numerous beautiful offspring. We have kept a close eye on Snow White, and we are happy to report that she is now doing well and gets a lot of joy from her cubs that are now 9 months old and they are keeping her busy and entertained.

MJ had a long and good life and he is greatly missed! If you are interested in adopting another wild child, please let us know if you have another animal in mind, otherwise we are happy to offer suggestions.

Kind Regards, Jannie Nikola Adoptions The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - DE WILDT