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An Update on your Wild Children

Dear Sean

Here are updates on the rest of your adopted furry children.

I have also attached the photo I took on your last visit.

Thank you for your generosity! We really appreciate it!

Zorro is doing well. He is always ready to share some love.

He is back to running but he still sometimes puts on a show where the guides are running around after him. We are all madly in love with his awesome personality.

Snow White is still doing well with her own little pack. She is enjoying this chicken ‘cooked’ to her liking on this photo.

Jerry is still the second in command in the pack and here you see her first in line for the serving (throwing) of chickens.

Jules is growing fast and she is doing really well in her training to become an off-site ambassador. She is charming everybody and remains the sweetest bundle of love. She is not sure if she wants to run so we are giving her some rest for a bit. Time will tell if she will pick up the interest in running again.

Titan is doing well. He still prefers to stay in the background and let the more brave vultures show off when we come by. On this picture you can see he is trying to dry off his feathers from all the rain we have had lately.

Kind Regards,

Jannie Nikola


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