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Newsletter 2017 - No.1

Good Morning Everyone Would like to wish everyone a prosperous year filled with blessing and good laughter. Well, just the other day we celebrated the start of a new year and we’re already into March. Hopefully your year has been as good and as busy as ours. Thank you to all the visitors that have been to the centre from our last newsletter. A big Thank you to Identipet- Dean Webb for the big donation of microchips. A few cheetahs have been marked and now have their own id no…. Another big thank you to RCL Foods for the donation of monthly cat and dog food, this is really a big help with feeding our animals. See some more exciting news form all the departments below.

From the Animal side …… We have released our two servals in the big open area at the back. We were so privilege to see them just a few days after that enjoying the valley and big trees. The Storks and Duiker were also moved to an open camp on the tour road for all to see. The storks have made friends with the Vultures and love chilling next to their camp. Jules, our almost 2 year’s old King Cheetah ambassador, has made huge progress in her training. Lying on a table and purring away has been her second most favourite thing to do. First on her list is chasing the lure on the run in the mornings. Our Custodian programme has finally lifted off the ground. We have found some nice places who would love to help us by taking care of some of our special Cheetahs. Roy was taken to the veterinarian last month to remove a doubtful growth on his shoulder. Now he is back at The Centre and has almost fully recovered from the operation. He’ll be back purring on the table in no time. Recently we switched up some of our tour camps. In our Standard Bank Cheetah camp, we are housing a new group of 6 male teenagers who just love showing off their totally distinct personalities. We’ve got 2 new spotted hyena’s who arrived last year. They have warmed up to us very nicely and are enjoying the extra attention they get on the daily safari tours driving past. They love cooling down in their brand new pool on hot days. Also Heathcliff, our big King Cheetah, has been moved back to his old camp on tour and is taking lots of pleasure in the extra love he receives.
From the Adoptions side ….. Adoptions are doing well and we are very thankful for every one of our adoptive parents who share our passion for wildlife conservation. We have received some very generous donations and we are making sure that every cent is going to feed our cheetahs, wild dogs and vultures. A huge Thank you goes out to one of our Adoptive parents that donated a lump sum to treat all the animals with a big piece of meat and bone, it is people like you that we will forever be grateful for. He decided to stay anonymous but you know who you are – Thank you very much. Without these donations we could not do what we love the most! CONGRATULATIONS to Su-mari for winning Guide of the month again!!! Well done girl.
From our education side ….
The education team had a busy holiday season, and held a lovely holiday programme for children Helping learners from underprivileged communities understand conservation 2016 was a great year for our education team, with learners from underprivileged communities and orphanages getting the opportunity to visit the centre. Children from an informal settlement near Hartbeespoortdam were treated to a day visit to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah centre as the CHEETA team took them on a fun tour. On the tour, they saw cheetahs, wild dogs, vultures, suricats, servals, caracals and even spotted hyenas. The highlight was meeting our ambassador cheetah named Yeats. We also hosted a group of partially sighted learners from a school from Limpopo province. A sensory trail offered the learners an opportunity to smell, taste and feel some of the beauty that we all take for granted as sighted individuals. Of course, meeting Yeats, feeling and hearing his magnificent purr, and even getting a sense of the size of a cheetah is something these teenagers will never forget. Yeats and the CHEETA team also travelled to an underprivileged school in the community of Ga-Rankuwa. After an extensive presentation about cheetah’s social behaviour and anatomy, as well as information about various environmental concerns South Africa is facing, the learners got the opportunity to meet the gorgeous Yeats. Although they were a little apprehensive at first, after touching him, Yeats and the team won over a few classes of little conservationists. These types of visits are only possible due to support from generous sponsors, and visitors to the centre, if you would like to assist in making any donations towards visits for underprivileged learners coming to the centre, or our team visiting a community, you can do so directly on GivenGain or JustGiving or contact us for more information.

School tours and offsite bookings With so many choices, CHEETA has an offering for your school, eco-club, scouts and voortrekker meetings or just for fun. We can give talks at venues in Gauteng, North-West and Limpopo provinces on Cheetahs, Wild dogs, Vultures or even introduce learners to domestic animals. Yeats the cheetah, Sagira the Egyptian vulture and Jedi the Anatolian dog are well trained and travel with our team. Please contact our education team on for enquiries.

From the Volunteer side …. The gardens at the lodge are an absolute delight to all who pass through the gates with new flowers blooming daily. A most beautiful way to show our international volunteers the splendour of South Africa. One has only to open Facebook to see how the news of this little bit of earthly heaven and the great work being done at the centre are reaching the far corners of the world. From U.S.A. to Canada, Europe to Asia and even as far as Down Under. A very impressive soap box for the saving of endangered species. There are too many other tasks undertaken to put all the pictures on here but their handiwork can be seen throughout the centre. One can never underestimate the value of volunteers at the centre. The amount of work they accomplish with good will and good humour could never be afforded from our coffers. A standing ovation is truly due for the volunteers who have become firm friends with the centre and the staff.

Cheerio for now and until next time ...... Take care and be safe!!! Lots of animal Love.

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