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Endangered Vaquita Project

Facts on the Vaquita:

  • The Vaquita is the most endangered marine mammal in the world.

  • The Vaquita inhabit only the waters of the upper Gulf of California

  • The Vaquita has been listed as critically endangered since 1996. Scientists have been warning for nearly 20 years that the only way to save the Vaquita is to eliminate the presence of gillnets in the only region that this species calls home.

  • Vaquita's have a comparatively short lifespan of approximately 20 years compared to other porpoises and have never been held in captivity. With a slower rate of reproduction than that of other porpoises – they birth up to only one calf every two years – these petite porpoises are being wiped out faster than they can reproduce

  • Devastatingly, there are just 23 Vaquita porpoises left on earth.

  • Our Vaquita will be heading to Ushaka Marine world Durban for marine week, and used for education on plastic pollution.